SIMOC through Jupyter

SIMOC consists of several components including an Agent-Based Model (ABM) and web server, both built in Python, and a front-end web interface built in Javascript — all of which are included in the SIMOC private git repository. The full complement can be installed and run on a laptop or desktop, server or cloud infrastructure using docker containers. Alternatively, the ABM can be used independently (‘SIMOC API’) via the command line, Jupyter notebook, or integrated into an existing Python workflow.

At its core, the SIMOC engine can simulate agent interactions of any kind, not just for human habitation on Mars. The SIMOC API can be used to model myriad more subjects.

At this time, we provide access to the SIMOC private git repository on a case-by-case basis for local, non-distributed installation for university research. We may request a nominal support fee depending upon the intended use and/or autonomy of the research team.

If interested, please contact us.