This tutorial takes new users through a brief tour of the SIMOC website and into a first use of the SIMOC web interface for mission configuration and then analysis of the simulation itself.

On July 1, 2020 the Meetup group Software for Space hosted a live presentation, demonstration, and Q&A session with Kai Staats, project lead and Ezio Melotti, lead front-end developer for SIMOC, a scalable, interactive model of an off-world community.

SIMOC project lead Kai Staats and Mars City Design founder Vera Mulyani review SIMOC datasets generated by Mars City Design competition teams. In this video Kai explains the complex behavior of mechanical and plant-based (bioregenerative) life support systems in a completely sealed habitat, as demonstrated by the interactions within the SIMOC simulation engine and web-based interface.

SIMOC project lead Kai Staats presents SIMOC and SAM to the Mars Society 2020 virtual convention. Learn about how these two projects are integrated, from simulation to eventual, AI-driven management and control.

More to come …