Advanced users of SIMOC will find the depth and breadth of research, documentation, and calculations rewarding when it comes to model construction and validation. The SIMOC development team is pleased to provide you with the complete description of all agents employed in a SIMOC simulation run, the currencies of exchange, and the background and research employed in developing these complex interactions.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the SIMOC Agent-Based Model (ABM).
  • Download the Agents & Currencies definitions. This evolving document closely matches that used by the SIMOC development team, and as such contains notes, in progress entries, and design references.
  • Download the server-side Agent Description file (JSON) loaded by the SIMOC server at launch to learn how the Agents & Currencies (above) correlates to what is loaded at the ABM server.
  • Download the Presets to run SIMOC simulations locally.
  • Download your dataset at the close of a SIMOC simulation to archive a run, pass it along to a colleague or friend, or investigate the inter-agent couplings using machine learning.
  • Request access to the git repository for local installations of the SIMOC Server for University research projects, provided on a case by case basis

Please note that these documents are updated on a regular basis such that older versions may no longer match the current version of SIMOC.