The Classroom of Pete Barnes, using SIMOC The Classroom of Peter Barnes
New Albany Intermediate, New Albany, Ohio
“I encourage students to work out their own simulations, to give them agency over the process and to let them think through the consequences of different decisions. This is a nice introduction to a larger project … after learning a little more about Earth and what makes ours a habitable planet, we will research Mars.” Learn more …

The Classroom of Gretchen Hollingsworth, using SIMOC The Classroom of Gretchen Hollingsworth
Barrow Arts & Sciences Academy, Winder, Georgia
“Yay! My person survived 99 days and 23 hours!”
“I don’t have much oxygen left, so I need to figure that out!”
“Oh no! There’s not enough power! It must be nighttime.”
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The Classroom of Michael Pope, using SIMOC The Classroom of Michael Pope
Zama American Middle-High School, Japan
“The program gives students the feel of, while conducting activities, being a real scientist or a science team monitoring—or actually living on the planet Mars. This connects well as an extension idea with the current curriculum activity Continue Your Exploration activity called ‘Destination Mars.’ Especially now with the Mars Rover Perseverance set to land in less than a week.”
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