Current Status
Sunday, August 8 — No known issues at this time.

As of launch the first week of June 2020, we have tested and confirmed the following browsers for the given platforms:

  • Firefox for Ubuntu, Mac OS, and Windows 10
  • Chrome for Ubuntu, Mac OS, and Windows 10
  • Safari Mac OS
  • Edge for Windows 10 — some of the interface aesthetics are a bit off, such as the timeline scrubber missing the position handle, otherwise works well

We are seeking feedback from tablet owners of a variety of makes and models.

Smart Phones
At this time, we do not officially support smart phones.

Bug Report
If you experience what you believe to be a glitch in the system, please Contact Us and provide the following information:

  • Operating system and browser (e.g. Mac OS, Firefox)
  • Login, Configuration Wizard, or Dashboard
  • What you were doing when the error occurred
  • Whether or not you were able to remedy the situation, and how