User Guides
The Advanced User Guide provides a step-by-step walk through the form and function of SIMOC, preparing advanced users for a deeper dive into the capabilities of SIMOC, and developers a greater understanding of its inner workings.

Known Issues
July 7, 2023: A user has reported that Chrome works well when directly engaging the interface, but not when using the embedded interface at Nat Geo’s web portal. We’re looking into it. For now, use Firefox or another browser if this occurs for you too.

Supported Systems
We have tested and confirmed the following browsers for the given platforms:

  • Firefox for Ubuntu, Mac OS, and Windows 10
  • Chrome for Ubuntu, Mac OS, and Windows 10
  • Safari for Mac OS
  • Edge for Windows 10 — some of the interface aesthetics are a bit off; otherwise works well
  • Tablets: Our tests show that tablets function very similar to personal computers.
  • Phones: At this time, we do not officially support smart phones.

Bug Report
If you experience what you believe to be a glitch in the system, please generate a new issue at Github Contact Us and provide the following information:

  • Operating system and browser (e.g. Mac OS, Firefox)
  • Login, Configuration Wizard, or Dashboard
  • What you were doing when the error occurred
  • Whether or not you were able to remedy the situation, and how