The Arizona Science Center, located at the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan district, today agreed to host the world’s first SIMOC learning center. Their “Blue Team” will host live, iterative and interactive learning sessions in which visitors learn about the challenges of living off of planet Earth.

In a conversational format, visitors will be asked to consider which of two dozen plants would they bring to grow in a human habitat on the Moon or Mars in order to support carbon dioxide reduction, oxygen production, and nutritious foods. Engaged citizen scientists will have to find a balance between those plants that yield a high volume of oxygen yet may require a long time from planting to harvest, or simply not taste very good without extensive preparation, versus those you can eat almost immediately after removing from the soil or hydroponics grow chamber.

By selecting plants in the SIMOC model, which is built upon NASA plant study data, we see the outcome of several weeks, even months of bioregenerative life support systems in a matter of minutes.

The first live demo and training discussion is slated for March 6, 2019.

Stay tuned!