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Biosphere 2 to integrate SIMOC

Based outside of Oracle, Arizona, the world-renowned Biosphere 2 today provided the SIMOC team with a letter of intent to collaborate in a live experiment for which SIMOC will work to duplicate the data collected in simulation, followed by collaboration with the Arizona Science Center for a live data stream.

“Biosphere 2 has its roots in off-world, human exploration–the initial experiments designed to study what is required to sustain human life when our species becomes interplanetary.

“SIMOC presents a timely new approach to [model] bioregeneration. We are keen to learn how to customize SIMOC’s agent-based model to mirror active and near-future experiments … We therefore welcome the opportunity to be the world’s first organization to … conduct model-to-data comparisons as well as introduce a unique, hands-on educational experience for our visitors.”

Joaquin Ruiz, Director Biosphere 2
Vice President, Innovation and Dean, College of Science
University of Arizona

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Arizona Science Center to integrate SIMOC

Based in downtown Phoenix, the Arizona Science Center today provided the SIMOC team with a letter of intent to collaborate in the design and engagement of an interactive learning experience based upon the SIMOC off-world simulation.

“With NASA and space agencies around the globe working with private organizations such as SpaceX to pave the way for humans to become interplanetary, it is important to instill in learners a sense of the challenges and opportunities in this incredible endeavor.

“… we welcome an opportunity to collaborate with you and your team to be the first science center world-wide to host a SIMOC kiosk in our science center, with potential for a live-data feed from a SIMOC-enabled greenhouse at Biosphere 2.”

Sari Custer
Chief Curiosity Officer

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