The SIMOC development team has been hard at work improving the performance of SIMOC. Bugs that occurred when saving the game have been fixed in the latest code update, with a great many changes in the works to improve overall performance. In particular, performance due to many simultaneous instances of SIMOC are being addressed, for both cloud and local computing.

Core SIMOC developer Grant experimented with new ways to send batches of data and was able to achieve a 10x performance increase in performance. Lead SIMOC developer Ezio also found a way to cut load times in half. Ian has developed a test suite to stress test local and cloud servers, with an eye toward a return to locally managed servers for higher quality services. The development team also updated the Docker images on the backend to the latest version, and data logging has been improved.

Over the last few months, SIMOC developers have created features and interface improvements, with thorough tests in process. The SIMOC developer team is also working on the automation of startup scripts, and improving the appearance of charts as well as the variety of data that can be displayed on them.