SAM exterior render by Bryan Versteeg SAM greenhouse render by Bryan Versteeg SAM Mars Yard render by Bryan Versteeg

Phase V
We are working to introduce staggered crop rotation, food nutrients, and thermal exchange into the SIMOC simulation to provide a more dynamic, rich experience with even greater potential for non-linear outcomes and simulation of the real world.

As the hermetically sealed Mars habitat analog SAM is concurrently constructed at the iconic Biosphere 2, a local installation of SIMOC will be modeled after SAM. With pressure, temperature, humidity, light levels, CO2 and O2 data acquired, SIMOC will enjoy ground-truth feedback from SAM, a positive feedback loop that will result in the improvement of SIMOC and at the same time, development of an optimized control system.

This tight coupling of the model and real-world experiment is imperative in any successful scientific endeavor.