As we move into 2024 we simultaneously look forward to our ongoing work in this current development cycle, and what we accomplished in the prior years. As with any open source computer software project, the team continues to shift and reform with some steady, stable members and others who contributed as they were able and then move on.

This brings us into our seventh year of SIMOC development! I first conceived of the project as my Masters research in 2014 but did not actually dive in for three years until attending the International Space University SSP in Cork Ireland simultaneous to two years funding from Arizona State University. This team has enjoyed additional support at the University of Arizona, Biosphere2, and now four years support by the National Geographic Society. We have taken SIMOC into directions I could not have envisioned in 2017 and surely, a few years from now, I will say something similar.

As a project lead my greatest joy is when SIMOC takes on a form and function motivated by one of my team members, and a velocity far greater than I could do on my own. Yet, I am never truly satisfied. My vision and that of my team members is always greater than what are engaging at any given moment. That’s what drives us forward.

As we look to 2024 we see an opportunity to slow down a bit in the actual writing of code and focus more on the quality of our website content, educational material, and guides for developers who will take SIMOC in even directions our own team did not consider.

While this blog may sometimes be left to ponder on its own for several weeks, even a few months at a time, our development team remains engaged with two meetings each week, more than 800 meetings to date.

Do you have talent in Python programming? Do you enjoy creative writing and web content generation? Want to help bring SIMOC into classrooms around the world? We’d love to hear from you …